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Off The Shoulder

One of the spring's biggest fashion trends is the off-the-shoulder style. From tops to dresses to jumpsuits, you’re sure to see a ton of shoulder-baring options out there. 

The unique neckline of this style cuts across the chest and upper arms to create bare shoulders. This flash of skin elongates the neck and creates a look that is both flirty and fun.

As with all trends, you need to assess your own individual dressing style and see how this style makes you feel. Depending on how you choose to wear it, it has elements of a feminine, natural sporty and dramatic dressing style. 

Here are some looks to consider this spring / summer

Some pointer's to keep in mind before purchasing an "off the shoulder" number

1. It may not stay in place so if that will irritate you then I would stay away from this trend.

2. Don't forget your proportions. If you are opting for a loose version then team it with fitted bottoms. If you going to wear it with a maxi skirt then keep the top at waist length so you maintain the 1/3 to 2/3 ratio.

3. If you are a pear shape then this style will help broaden your shoulders and potentially fill out your bust.

If you're looking for more style inspiration, head over to my Pinterest board.

I'd love to hear how you've incorporated this trend!

Styling Your Success


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You Have To Look And Act Like A Leader Long Before You Are One

Have you ever stopped to really think about what you’re telegraphing in terms of your body language, how you dress, how you speak, how you communicate and the impact this has on your leadership opportunities?

I think women, in general, like to downplay the importance of this is because it is easier to believe in the idea that it’s a meritocracy, or it should be a meritocracy, and therefore it’s all about how you’re performing and how hard you work.

During the early years of my corporate career, I was adamant that the value I contributed to the organisation would be evident through my deliverables and work ethic. As I started to progress in my career I recognised there was a missing piece. You see I loathed networking for self-promotion but in retrospect, I wish I had found a happy medium as there is a need to an extent to "self-promote".

Nowadays we all work in open plan office environments. Gone are the days where you could walk straight into the office and hope that no-one would notice you arrive.

Now, more than ever, we are on DISPLAY.

You could potentially talk with at least 5-10 people as you make your way to your hot desk which happens to be in a different place every day. No longer do we exclusively work in project teams or departments.

Now, that's not such a bad thing in terms of networking and building your reputation across the organisation.

There’s an old adage, “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.” When you’re evaluated for a promotion, it’s unlikely your boss will sit in a room alone and contemplate your potential. They will rely on others to assess your ability, which means you need supporters across the organisation — people who are aware of the work you’re doing.

Here's a look at KPMGs new office layout at Barangaroo.

So why is it important to look and act like a leader long before you are one?

When it comes to opportunities for promotion, you never know which senior executive could be scanning the floor wondering who she/he would like to promote to this new role. You can begin to act, think, and communicate like a leader long before that promotion.

So let's evaluate ways you can look and act like a leader long before you are one.

1. Your Visual Image
Does your image signal you're leadership material, that you have what it takes, that you're ready for that next big opportunity?

Every style decision you make is an opportunity to express a quality of your leadership image.

If your role requires you to be creative then why not inject colour and print into your business outfit. If on the other hand, your role requires you to have a high attention to detail, then a well thought out look from top to toe could demonstrate this. Here are two examples.

2. Your Experienced Image

This is where you’ve been able to harness all your people and communication skills, etiquette and social skills to produce meaningful and lasting relationships.

This doesn't mean you have to be a brilliant public speaker or writer. It does mean you have to express yourself well, whether it's writing a well thought out e-mail , persuading others with a concise and compelling speaking style or just being able to calmly explain to a team member what you need.

LinkedIn recently surveyed 352 HR decision-makers from large companies in the Asia Pacific region, 84 of them based in Australia or New Zealand. They found that the number one reason organisations find it hard to recruit leaders is the candidate’s lack of soft skills and leadership competencies. Here's the complete article.

So how are your soft skills? Is there room for improvement?

Some final pointers

1. Look for people who have the roles you want and study what they do — how they act, communicate, and dress. Pick someone at the next level, someone similar to you, and find a way to work with them.

2. If you find yourself walking down the hall with the most senior person at your company, be prepared to answer the question, ‘So what are you up to?' Don’t take lightly any interactions that may seem informal. Treat every situation as an opportunity to demonstrate the value you bring to the organisation and your knowledge of the business.

3. Every morning, as you get dressed for work, think about how you can signal a quality of your leadership style.

4. Planning now will help you develop the necessary skills and leadership presence. It increases your chances of getting the promotion because people will already recognise you as a leader. The key is to take on opportunities now, regardless of your tenure or role. “You can demonstrate leadership at any time no matter what your title is.

If you are a professional woman who would like to learn more about how to craft a leadership image click here to learn more about our workshop: "The Art of Self Packaging For Success".

Styling Your Success



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How To Pack Like A Pro and Make Smart Choices When Airport Shopping.

Your Uber ride is waiting for you, you're on your way overseas for a business trip. As usual, you've packed last minute and just threw in a few pieces with the hope they will all work together.

You jump into your Uber ride and you have this sick feeling that you've forgotten to pack something important. You start to tick off a mental checklist: passport (yes), GDH (yes), shoes (yes), makeup (yes), a suit (yes), laptop (yes) and then BOOM you realise you haven't packed enough warm weather gear given the weather conditions of the country you're visiting.

So now you go into solution mode. You say to yourself, "O.K I have 20 minutes to check in and find a trench coat or something that's going to keep me warm".

You're in luck. You see a gorgeous red Burberry trench and you convince yourself to buy it because you really NEED it. So you do and you have this short period of gratification.

You reach your destination and you start to unpack. You plan out your outfits for the next two weeks and realise the pieces you've packed don't integrate with each other (surprise surprise). And that red trench coat looks great with jeans but it doesn't work with anything else you've packed (Oh no!).

Does this sound familiar?

This was me during my 12-year corporate career. I spent more time in international and domestic airports than I did at home. I thought I was a pro when it came to packing. Needless to say, I had a lot to learn.

Now as an internationally accredited Image Consultant, I work with professional women who are time poor and style challenged. Lately, so many of my clients have described the above same scenario to me. They are forever shopping in airports and buying these "one hit wonders" and "it will do" pieces that can only be worn with one other item in their wardrobe. After many years of business travel and impulse buying, they have these incredible stand alone pieces but they still feel like they have nothing to wear.

Does this sound like you?

With the knowledge I've acquired for the past 10+ years as an internationally accredited Image Consultant and Stylist, I've developed a key method for clients to follow which helps them eliminate the stress of packing. It also helps them avoid making bad decisions when shopping at airports. Let's review this method.

Imagine now you are packing for a two-week long business trip to Paris

Step 1: Select your core pieces in neutral colours
Your core pieces are your bottoms, jackets, coats and dresses.
Neutral colours include: Black, Navy, Charcoal, Denim, White, Taupe, Chocolate, Olive and Tan. You'll notice below in my wardrobe capsule that I've used black and denim as my two core colours. You'll also notice that I've thrown in red as an accent colour for a bit of interest. This isn't essential but does help add variety.

So for travel packing purposes being able to pick two-three colours to build your capsule around will help keep your decisions to a minimum. This is especially helpful if you find that you get to the airport and have forgotten to pack an important piece. At least then you'll know which colour you should buy it in.

My core pieces in this capsule include:

  • 3 jackets
  • 1 sleeveless long-line vest
  • 2 skirts
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 dress

Step 2: Select your tops and accessories in basic colours.
These are all the colours of the rainbow. They include: Greens, Blues, Reds, Purples, Pinks, Oranges and many others. It's best if you have a few tops in solid block colours and others that are printed. You'll notice that I've created a "Dramatic" capsule and have kept my tops in black, white and red.

Step 3: Ensure that every top can be worn with every jacket/ long-line cardi and bottom. You'll notice that you can do this with this capsule.

Regarding the dress, I can easily throw on the leather jacket to add some edge or soften the look by layering it with the soft long-line cardi.

This capsule has a total of 17 pieces (excluding bags) and this would be ample to cover you for:

  • Client meetings
  • Business team meetings
  • Attending conference sessions
  • Dinner with clients and colleagues
  • Downtime exploring the city (ballet flats a must)

On the off chance you've forgotten to buy a piece, this process will streamline your buying decisions at the airport. If you realise you've forgotten to buy a core piece then you'll know which neutral colour you'll need to purchase it in as will be the case if you need to buy some tops.

If you follow this system I guarantee that when you arrive at your designation you won't have to worry about whether or not your pieces integrate. You've done your homework and now you can sit and enjoy a glass of champers while taking in the sights along the Champs Elysees.

Styling Your Success

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