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Personal Brand Training For Leaders

Your Personal Brand Is Inescapable. For Better Or Worse -- Every Leader Has One.

The second we meet someone we are deciding if you like them, trust them if they are capable and intelligent?

I do it, you did it, we all do it. 

Is it virtually impossible not to form an opinion about someone? 

And let's be honest, we also know clothing choices affect and reflect a leader's self-image and how they feel about themselves.

As human beings, if we have a positive reaction to someone we then subconscious start to notice and listen to other positive things about this person. We then take this information and use it to support our first impression which backs up our intuition. 

Psychologists call this snap decision making “thin slicing”. 

So why is Personal Brand development for leaders more important now than ever before? 

One of the biggest shifts in workplace culture over the past ten years has been how we dress in the office. For the majority of organisations, the two piece suit has been banished and replaced with smart separates.

Whilst professional women are relishing the freedom to choose clothing that better fits their personal brand, it's also come with some decision fatigue and stress. They are constantly trying to find the balance between dressing in separates while still maintaining a sense of credibility.

Our personal branding programs are designed to uncover the values and purpose of leaders and help them dress, speak and behave in a way that is guided by their values. This approach allows them to make decisions and interact with those they lead in a consistent way. Their inner compass and “WHY” guides their daily actions and enables them to earn the trust of their team members, peers and stakeholders.

For the past ten years, we've partnered with top tier organisations around the country such as Ernst & Young, Westpac, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, Toyota, Novartis, Roche, Australian Institute Of Company Directors, Sanofi, Stockland and many more and have delivered over 300 personal branding workshops for:

  • Internal talent development programs
  • Women's leadership programs and forums
  • Internal and external networking events
  • Onboarding programs for graduates
  • Sales team/management meetings and conferences

During this time we have also styled over 3000 professional women for success. What I know to be true is that when women dress to reflect who they really are, their confidence skyrockets and that's when they do your best work. When a woman is confident she can truly transform a situation, a thought, a discussion, a result. 

Take a look at some of the personal branding workshops we've conducted recently.

Our workshops are designed to help leaders bring who they are to what they do and how they do it and then presenting and communicating that with authenticity and confidence. Women no longer want to leave their "real" selves in the car park before walking through the front doors of the office. 

So how can authentic personal brand development better skill leaders? What are the benefits to the individual and the business?

Organisations who embrace diversity and empower employees to bring their whole self to work increase the attraction, retention and engagement level to the organisation.

Leaders who operate with an authentic personal brand instil trust and credibility so they can deliver results through others; supporting, directing, coaching and leading their team to continually maximise performance. When leaders perform at their best, so will their team(s).

If you'd like to learn more about our corporate personal branding workshops for leaders, click here and book a click here and book a 15-minute conversation with Janette.

If you'd like a copy of our workshop brochure, please send me an e-mail,

Styling Your Success


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Autumn Style Staples For The Professional Woman

If you're anything like me I'm welcoming Autumn with open arms. Having barely survived a horrendous summer in Sydney, I'm looking forward to layering up this Autumn / Winter. 

Winter is approaching and while some of you are probably still in denial about the departure of summer - it's the perfect chance to refresh your winter wardrobes and curate stylish cold-weather outfits that are fit for any office.

With every new season, clients always want to know: 

  • What are the new trends
  • Do they suit my dressing style
  • How can I integrate them into my existing wardrobe

So let's take a look at what's on offer this Autumn/ Winter 2017 and if these trends are right for you.

1. Structure

This trend suits a woman with a dressing style personality that is classic, dramatic and alluring. A sleeveless structured dress can be easily layered with a silk blouse or alternatively, it can be worn with a tailored blazer teamed with boots and tights. There are many structured long line vests that can easily integrate with work trousers or with jeans on the weekend.

2. Softness

This trend suits a woman with a dressing style personality that is feminine and classic 
Silk seems to be the fabric of choice this season. The softness of a silk blouse always looks great when teamed with a structured piece such as a sleeveless vest or leather jacket. By the way, the red dress from Scanlan & Theodore is divine when teamed with black or navy knee high suede boots.

3. Natural

This trend suits a woman with a dressing style personality that is natural sporty, classic or feminine. From experience, I have found that women with a summer seasonal profile really appreciate natural fibres such as cashmere and silk. They appreciate the smoothness of the fabric against their sensitive skin. Cashmere sweaters are also showcasing on a bigger scale this year. They are great to team with all your big ticket pieces such as pants, skirts, coats and jeans.

4. Colours

Monochrome step aside for some unpredictable brights. Think fuchsia, red, lavender, military greens, metallic shines, midnight blues and spicy mustard. My advice is to always have your personal colours assessed first before you venture out and start spending large amounts on pieces in the wrong colours.

Just remember that as a professional woman your style and personal brand is an opportunity to tell others who you are and where you're going, without compromise. 

So don't buy any piece that doesn't truly reflect the real you. 

Click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call and learn how I can help you create a personal brand that makes you feel confident and tells the world where you are going.

Let's together close the leadership gap.

Styling Your Success


P.S If you'd like to nail your Personal Brand, come and join me and 20 other professional women at the #1Styling + Branding event for professional women. Click here to register.

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How Affinity Bias Impacts Your Personal Brand And Potential For Promotion

You're at your hot desk working away in your completely open plan office space.

I want you to look around, what do you see? What are other women wearing? What is your boss wearing? Anyone wearing a suit? You see a colleague and think how great she looks. You're wondering how she managed to put together ad hoc pieces and make it look so effortless.

One of the biggest shifts in workplace culture over the past ten years has been how we dress in the office.

For some of you, I know that dressing in separates has created a dilemma that you face every single morning but I urge you to see this new way of dressing as an opportunity to craft a signature style that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. 

Think about this: A woman working in a corporate job will spend almost half of her waking life in ‘workwear’ – and possibly more. That's staggering!!!

We’re now free to present a new image of what leadership looks like and now have significantly more options for expressing ourselves on a daily basis. If you'd like to learn about our workshop on how to fuse work wear with weekend wear, click here. 

While we don't have a standard work outfit like men, this can work for and against us; we have more freedom in what we wear, however, this also means our outfit choice can influence how we’re perceived in the work environment. For example, a lack of effort can be seen as sloppy and unprofessional and anything too risqué can impact your credibility. 

So what role does "Affinity Bias" play in how you create your personal brand and your potential for a promotion?

As human beings, we have a natural propensity to want to be around people we can relate to, who make us feel comfortable or people who are like us. Leaders naturally chose to surround themselves with people who reminded them of themselves. They feel more comfortable when they're surrounded by people who think like them because it reinforces that their judgments and behaviours are right - A great example of unconscious bias.

On one hand, we are told to embrace diversity and dress in a way that expresses our personal brand and on the other hand the powers that be have their own idea of how one should dress to the office. Given what we know about "affinity bias" how can you still dress in a way that reflects the real you whilst signaling to your boss you're ready for the next big opportunity?

Ultimately the way to navigate this conundrum is to be cognisant of dressing appropriately for the situation, others expectations, your objectives, their objectives and your ultimate end goal.

If you’d like to learn the techniques that will help you create a style and personal brand that supports your professional goals then come along to the “The Art of Self Packaging For Success". Come and learn how to master the NEW way women are dressing for work.

It's taking place on the 25.03.17 at the Sydney Westfield Styling Suite

Here is some unseen footage from previous events.

The techniques I will be teaching you I have taught during my corporate workshops and I know they work because my clients have used them with great results. My clients are now primed and ready for their next career step, their laser focused on their message and goals and don’t have to give their image and personal brand a second thought. They have invested the time to get this right so that all their energy now goes into preparing for that promotion or landing their dream client. 

Click here to reserve your seat. Only a few seats remaining!

I hope to see you at the #1 Styling + Branding Event for Professional Women & Entrepreneurs.

Styling Your Success
Janette x

P.S Part of your ticket is redeemable towards a personal service and you will receive complimentary half hour speaker appearance by Janette Ishiyama in your organisation (more information at the workshop).

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