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Balancing Your Corporate Image, Personal Style & What’s On Trend

Over the past 10 years, I've spent a fair bit of time sitting in company foyers waiting to be greeted prior to hosting corporate leadership branding workshops.

With the advent of "Bring your whole self to work", I have seen many interesting interpretations to this statement. I've seen women wearing short leather skirts, see-through tops, and hot pants and that's just in the foyer.

While these might be the right choice for the weekend I have a deep fear that women are putting themselves at risk of not being taken seriously in the boardroom. This doesn't stop in corporate organisations either.

Lately, I've seen more and more T.V personalities and Entrepreneurs exposing a crazy amount of cleavage and I've wondered why? Is it really necessary? Do you need to expose that much of yourself to get your point thinks NOT!

You all know I'm a huge advocate for women claiming the leadership positions they deserve so when you read this post know that I am coming from a place of wanting to see all women succeed at the highest level.

At the end of the day, women shouldn't lose sight of the fact that they are still going to a place of business to do business.

Given women have so many clothing options they can find themselves in dangerous territory if they don't balance their corporate image, personal style and what's on trend.

I'm a huge advocate for "bringing your whole self to work" but as women, we need to keep the focus on the quality of our work and not on our body parts.

Personally, I think "bringing your whole self to work" brings a wonderful opportunity for women to re-discover their true personal style. To date, women have been conditioned to dress and act like men and some of my clients have forgotten how to tap into their strong feminine energy.

One of the most common questions I get asked by clients is, "How can I inject my own personal style and still look office ready?

Here's a simple formula that I created and share with clients. I hope it helps you find your balance.

Generally speaking an outfit is made up of 3 key ingredients – also known as "Rule of Three". Here's a previous article on this. If you follow this formula, it should put you in good stead to strike the right balance.

1. Always have one structured classic/timeless piece in your outfit. Whether it be classic style pant, skirt or jacket. The structured piece will keep your outfit looking tailored and professional.

2. Always have one piece (structured or unstructured) that reflects your personal style. This piece can incorporate your style with the use of a print, colour choice or fabric choice.

3. The final piece should give a nod to what’s on trend and within reason (ie a top, necklace style, scarf, the style of pant, a lip colour, bag or print).

Here are a few examples to demonstrate the above.

Image 1: The overall look is office ready. The skirt is a classic style in an "on-trend" colour being burgundy. Leather can have a suggestive effect, however, because its worn in a structured, classic style/length it's still office appropriate. You'll notice the top and sleeveless vest are in neutral/classic styles.

Image 2: The black cigarette pants and top are very classic and timeless. It's paired back with a classic structured blazer that's in an "on-trend" colour. P.S Wearing all black on the inside creates a slimming effect.

Image 3: Everything about this outfit is office ready. A classic blazer (with a slight twist) teamed with a pair of "on-trend" culottes. The culottes offer a twist on the classic pant but are well and truly office appropriate.

Image 4: The black skirt is your classic high waisted style. It's teamed it with a top that is currently on trend and overall the look is office appropriate.

Looking at the above examples, the women all look office ready, on trend and strike a great yin/yang balance that is office appropriate and signals their ready for the next leadership opportunity that comes their way.

Regardless of what's trending at the moment, try to stay true to yourself. Know what you look good in, what you like and stick to that.

As you get dressed for work tomorrow morning, think about your short and medium term career goals and present a personal leadership brand that is going to take you one step closer to achieving your professional goals.

Here's to all women claiming the positions they deserve.


P.S If you're an ambitious, heart-centered professional women who wants to leverage your leadership brand then please come and join our LinkedIn group here.

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Is Your Leadership Brand Ready For The Future Of Work?

Gone are the days of having a "typical" linear career path. The "Job for life" ceases to exist. More and more people will be bought in where and when it’s needed and ‘Retainer and call‐up’ contracts will be frequently used for rare skills.

As the pace of change in business is accelerating and competition for the right talent is fierce; leaders will need to adapt and re-train to meet the skills of the future.

So what is the future of work and how are you going to leverage your leadership brand to future-proof your career? 

Here are two thoughts for consideration.


More and more organisations are encouraging employees to manage their own careers. As a SELF-leader, you will be taking an active role in your own career development. You will be seeking the services of external service providers to help you acquire the skills you need to build a strong leadership brand. Get clear now on the skills of the future and think about how you can position yourself for success.

You also recognise that as you grow and evolve you need to retain your core sense of identity and values because you are seeking greater meaning and relevance in what you do. Understanding your WHY will help you find the right job in an organisation that reflects your own personal values. 

Ultimately, personal branding is no longer an option; it’s a powerful leadership enabler.


An AI-powered talent tool will be developed in the not too distant future. Its purpose is to help organisations find the talent they need no matter which platform its on. 

Every single professional woman needs to have a personal brand that is separate from the company brand.

I want you to think of your brand as your most prized asset. You can take it with you where ever you go. Your authentic visible brand will put you in a strong position as the search for talent becomes increasingly fierce.

Consider creating a separate website for yourself, make yourself visible on LinkedIn, comment on group discussions and share what's important to you. If you build an authentic personal brand and leave a trail of searchable breadcrumbs revealing who you are, you will attract potential talent and organisations to you that share your values.

When your personal brand is attractive, companies looking to hire, will find you and reach out to you.Your personal brand can help you communicate your leadership aspirations and before you know it, you’ll be head-hunted!

I don’t want you to be the worlds best-kept secret. Get out there and get clear on your visibility plan.

As you know I'm fiercely driven to see more and more women claim the positions they deserve by helping them craft an authentic leadership brand that is aligned to who they are, what they do and why they do it.

If want to be the driver of your career and learn how to create a strong personal leadership brand, register your interest for our program, "The SELF leader Brand Map". Our next enrolment will be in early 2018.


P.S If you're an ambitious, heart-centered professional women and you want to leverage your leadership brand then please come and join our LinkedIn group here.


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Your Brand Is Your Personal Promise

Your brand always begins with your values. What do you stand for?

Many of you know that my personal promise is:

"To help professional women close the leadership gap by helping them craft a leadership brand that enables them to claim the positions they deserve"

I've become known by many as the go-to personal brand expert for professional women. When I set out to serve professional women in 2007, I knew that I had a gift to share. The past ten years have been nothing short of inspirational. Whether I have delivered a leadership branding program for an organisation, a keynote or have worked with a professional woman one-on-one, being clear on my brand promise has made the experience for both myself and my client positive and effortless.

Every six months I reflect on my own brand and ask myself if I have been truly living my brand promise? Have my actions been in alignment with my values?

It's easy to list values on a website, or write them down on a piece of paper but how often do we really live them out aloud through our actions?

Have you ever experienced that feeling of confusion and disappointment when you meet someone in person for the first time to only discover that their social persona is nothing like their "real life" persona? Its deflating and a real reality check!

I wanted to share an exercise with you called "Back To The Future Thinking" courtesy of Brian Tracey. Its an exercise I have used to help me clarify the value I bring to my clients and it can help you crystalise your brand promise. Watch it here.

As my network has continued to increase, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have connected with me, hired our services, who have read my articles and who believe in my driving force. Because some of you are new connections, I wanted to take a moment and share with you the six core values and the promise I deliver to you and my clients.

"Janette's strength is that she takes the time to get to know you, your brand personality and your lifestyle. Janette's goal is to let your true style shine through so that you can focus on your strengths." Sue

"Janette is honest in her opinion, which I love and is always so positive. I am actually amazed at how she still knows what will work for me and what won’t three years on." Michelle

"As soon as we met Janette we knew she was the right person to lead our women in mortgage business network seminar series across three cities." Mortgage Finance Ass. Of Australia

"If you are looking for someone to inspire and assist you in finding the confident person you want to be, Janette is the first and only person I would call." Sara

"Janette knows her stuff! She is incredibly personable and loves doing what she does. She knows how to translate sensible and realistic advice." Danielle

"Janette's natural ability to identify with her clients is amazing. I left feeling empowered. She listens intensively and has such a warm and caring nature." Sara

Thanks for taking the time to connect and share my articles. I hope this exercise will help you get clear on your personal brand promise as it did for me.

Ultimately, this all comes back to the legacy you want to leave, the lives you want to impact and the person you want to become.

Styling Your Success


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